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bad shoes, good books
21 May 1983
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When in doubt - hyphenate!

Hi! I'm Gaski, but you can call me Siri, or Siri Gaski, or - if you're mad at me - Siri Katrine Gaski, and if you speak Sami you can call me Sire, but if you don't I'd rather you didn't, it only confuses me. (yes, this means that in theory I have two names. It fits my gemini split personality to a t. And I'm not a big huge astrology person, but when it comes to the two sides to everything-issue, I'm fully there. Also the "very fond of words" part, if you couldn't tell already.)

Friend if you want, unfriend if you want, don't expect me to do either; say hi:>

I write a lot, and most of the time I'm a horrible commenter; I have a tendency to lurk, and manage to be a bit of a hermit, even online. I usually cannot, for the life of me, manage to be brief, I have yet to decide whether that's a good or a bad thing. I tend to do as I'm told, unless I decide not to. I'm not always dependable, but I mean well. I begin a lot (if not most) of my sentences with "I", because I'm self-centered like that. I occasionally forget to mention really important things in favour of raving about something miniscule. Every once in a while I tend to blow up at some sort of stupid something, usually it's about politics, 'cause I tend to take those personally.

A lot of my life is summed up in song lyrics, or poetry quotes, or newspaper articles, all depending on. I buy books like they can save my life, though mostly they seem to make everything messy, and I drink lattes (always at De 4 roser here in town) like coffeine is being outlawed (though it's not about the coffee so much as the experience, it's the closest thing I come to yoga). I have a complicated relationship with, well, most things, most notably USA & Starbucks & politics & myself. I tend to think of things written in small or strike-outs as being said under my breath, and while I'm not a big fan of net-speak, I am a big fan of seeing how far any language can bend.

I like to travel, a lot, and if I won lots of money, I might pack a bag and take off until I ran out of money. Feel free to laugh if you think I'm kidding. I should possibly also mention that I'm really horrible with money matters, so, yeah. But I still live at home, so it's OK. (Well, my parents might not agree, but oh well)

I have dreams of one day being one of those people who can say a lot in very few words, who manage to keep it short. But I'm slowly giving up on it, 'cause it's not working very well. I'm verbose in writing 'cause I don't talk a lot in person. And my mind is usually going at 150 miles a minute (not sure yet if those are metric miles or non-metric miles), so there's a lot to say. Very little of it is interesting, but that's why this is my journal.

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The mood icons are made by me, from the comic strip Nemi by Lise Myhre.
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